Workplace dating policy sample

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The subordinate who is close to the supervisor may have a better chance of being promoted if the supervisor shows favoritism.

Irrespective of whether the supervisor shows favoritism, other employees often perceive the situation as advantageous for the subordinate involved with a supervisor.

An employee may file a legal claim against his employer if he feels the employer has violated or failed to protect his rights.

If an employee feels discriminated against, feels harassed or suffers an injury while at work, the employer may be liable for damages and injuries.

The law would require employers to develop and post policies on workplace violence and harassment.

“Violence” is defined as the use of ‘physical force’.

Fraternization in the workplace encompasses relationships that go beyond the normal scope of employee interactions.

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The new requirement to post a harassment policy must include a method for employees to report harassment.

Whether the employer's actions are intentional or unintentional, many workers file lawsuits seeking compensation or remedy to the situation.

One of the most common workplace lawsuits is discrimination.

Discrimination in the workplace is a violation of several state and federal laws including, the Civil Rights Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Discrimination involves unfair treatment because of a distinguishing characteristic such as gender, race, religious background or disability.

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