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"It's quieter and less frenetic but also feels kind of void of energy without him." Goldman, who's at the staff meeting, stresses that he's not seeking an L. "The flip side of the fame and notoriety from the show is all the misinformation that has floated about us locally.I have had local wedding planners say, 'Oh, I didn't even realize you did cakes in Baltimore,' and I'm like, 'We are a local shop. 22, about his adoration for motorcycles — even after enduring a serious accident that resulted in the loss of several toes."I love motorcycles," Goldman, 39, told Us at the Hollywood premiere of . Even though I got in a wreck a little while ago and lost some toes — I had to promise my parents and everybody that I’d stop riding — but I can't." PHOTOS: Reality TV's breakout stars Reflecting back on the harrowing 2012 crash, Goldman said the accident itself hasn't deterred him in from pursuing his love for bikes. "It just made me make the choice — more consciously to say, ' I'm doing something that is very dangerous, but it’s something I love.'" PHOTOS: Stars who've been caught getting scared Goldman added that while his commute to and from work is risky, he feels at ease about his mode of transportation.He'll still be returning to Baltimore once a month, though. "We are going to keep our Baltimore spirit as a company and individuals." While several of Yeskey's coworkers— including art director Anna Ellison and cake decorator Katherine Hill—get settled in the City of Angels, her task is to keep the Baltimore home fires burning.Yeskey knows the Baltimore bakery will be different without Goldman's regular presence. The place does have a different feel when he's not there," she says. "The trick is not to water down what we have," she says.

Organized by celebrity chef (and Florida native) Art Smith, the event was held on Miami Beach and ended with a celebration including a seven tier cake made by yet another celebrity chef, Duff Goldman.:“Guy had decided that the two men running the restaurant were life partners,” Page remembers.She also served as the founding director of her brother’s foundation, The Guy Fieri Foundation for Inspiration and Imagination, and was survived by her partner and son, then age 11. She would tell us about organics and about recycling and I’d be like, ‘c’mon.’ but she would always be in my ear about it again and again.Guy Fieri’s first cook book after Morgan’s passing was, in his words, “a very emotional thing” for him, and he dedicated it to her as well as getting a tattoo on his arm in her honor.“‘Namaste’ was something that my sister would say to me every day. She would always be saying that as a message, so we put that as the dedication of the book.He is the chef of the Charm City Cakes shop which is Baltimore-based.He also has another shop in Los Angeles located at Charm City Cakes West.

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