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The next era in connected cars could be vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies.

V2V may someday alert drivers to potential collisions that are not visible to existing sensor-based technologies.

Connected cars are “just another mobile device” and would benefit from the competitive pressures seen in other mobile device markets.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the nation’s primary wireless device regulator, generally avoids stringent device mandates because top-down control locks in technology long beyond its usefulness.

The technology has not been proven economic or safe, and there should be no device mandate for light vehicles at this time.

While foresight is admirable, a device mandate for a wireless technology still in development is unprecedented.

The Club strongly recommends that every boater review the DPR hull paint list, and use only Category I paint.

We believe you can effectively reduce the amount of copper leaching into the Marina from your boat by about ½ just by using Category 1 paints and best management hull cleaning practices.

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The popular stereotype is that boomers are lifelong profligates. And the percentage of private-sector workers with such a plan hasn’t budged since 1979. C., no major legislation aimed at boosting coverage has made its way to the President’s desk since 2006.

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As many of you have already heard, the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board is mandating an 85% reduction in the amount of copper in the Marina waters within the next nine years.

Hence, a law mandating a license to practice I-O psychology, restricted to graduates from a doctoral program in a psychology department, is unlikely to be enforceable. Third, the espoused benefit of a mandated license, namely, to protect the public, is specious.

Finally, a mandated license for the practice of I-O psychology by I-O psychologists could lead to the death of I-O psychology programs.

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