Java gui not updating christian dating mp3

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I'm trying to make a program that shows graphically a sorting alghoritm (like this : https://v=k PRA0W1k ECg ) I just don't understand why the GUI won't refresh.You may also want to check out this post, the first response has a pretty good explanation, and links to an article with more detail.In terms of the second part of your question, I'm not sure, but we may need to see some code to get an idea.I am having some difficulties using swing workers, timers, and I am actually a little confused.As far as my understanding goes, I have to put on a timer to set-up recurring tasks that have to be called by the EDT.Is the 'replaced area' actually being removed from the view?You wouldn't need to import anything extra, these should be methods on the Swing Components you are using -- see the docs

It provides a nice, easy to use interface that handles all the callback stuff for you, and provides an easy way to update the UI when the task is complete.

I am quite sure the repaint method is being called since I put a sysout showing me the ordered values and it seems to work , but the GUI just... Here's my code: Most OSs (or rather the UI frameworks which they use) don't support concurrent access.

Simply put, you can't render two strings of text at the same time.

Explain what "change one part of the GUI menu" actually entails?

Tell us WHY you want to do this, now you are asking how, which comes after why!

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