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Although real texts may depart from the ideal form for presenting multiple examples, rhetorical theory offers a rationale for minimal, parallel presentation.

The…Explores the usefulness of identifying the stasis of an argument, that is whether it concerns an issue of fact, definition, cause, value, or action.

Rhetorical inquiry is a multidisciplinary field of study devoted to the critical examination of discourse.

Initiated in classical times, it cultivates an "ability, in each [particular] case, to see the available means of persuasion" (Aristotle 1991, p. As an academic field, rhetoric of science and technology is the study of how scientists and non-scientists use arguments to advance claims about science and technology.

Although there is more influence on public communication from the science organizations and more emphasis on strategic considerations today, the available data do not indicate abrupt changes in communication practices or in the relevant beliefs and attitudes of scientists in the past 30 y.

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Η εκλαΐκευση της επιστήμης αποτελεί μία γεφύρωση ανάμεσα στην επιστημονική (ερευνητική) βιβλιογραφία ως επαγγελματικό μέσο επιστημονικής έρευνας και στο πεδίο των γενικών πνευματικών και πολιτικών συζητήσεων.Instead it is steeped in its ancient tradition and denotes the careful study of how texts are designed to seek the assent of an audience.When those texts are from the realm of science and technology, the means of persuasion utilized include such factors as appeals to disciplinary assumptions and values, the demonstration of methodological rigor, and the selection of language that suggest the neutral observation of nature.They want to meet the public in the public arena, not in the arena of internal scientific communication.Despite obvious changes in science and in the media system, the orientations of scientists toward the media, as well as the patterns of interaction with journalists, have their roots in the early 1980s.

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